LP Smartside Sidings Products

What is LP Smartside Siding?

For decades, homes in mountain climates were built with traditional wood cedar or composite siding. As time passed, the wood siding hasn’t held up to the elements. 

  • Wood is expensive! Cedar siding can cost about twice as much as the top-quality LP Smartside or James Hardie. 
  • Wood is high-maintenance.  To properly maintain natural wood siding, owners must stain or treat the siding at least every other year. 
  • Birds & Bugs LOVE IT! Many of our customers with natural wood siding have pests that have found a home in their walls.

For clients who prefer wood siding, LP Building Products SmartSide is leading the industry in wood-composite siding. Selected by new home builders around the country, LP Smartside is one of America’s top-selling siding companies. 

LP Building Products uses a proprietary “SmartGuard” manufacturing process to make the toughest, longest-lasting engineered wood siding on the market. Although LP won’t reveal to their competitors the exact specifications of the SmartGuard process, we can say that it utilizes renewably sourced wood chips like young-growth aspen instead of heavy reliance on sawdust leftovers.

LP Smartside is available in various styles: 


  • Lap or plank
  • Vertical including board & batten
  • Shingle


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Expert Finish

LP SmartSide is also available in prefinished Colored Siding, known as the ExpertFinish® color. ExpertFinish color isn’t just painted – the process ensures that your siding’s color looks great and stands up to the test of time.

  • Provides the durability and longevity you look for in a prefinished product with high-grade paint
  • Primer and finish coat are sources from the same trusted supplier
  • Uniform color application in a controlled environment ensures a more attractive look
  • Consistent paint coating across texture variations

Choose from a collection of 16 prefinished colors to bring high-quality color to your home’s look.