Siding Repair

Similar to your roof, your siding is an intricate system that is designed to protect your home. Depending on the age and how your home was constructed, it is likely any new siding systems installed per code will drastically outperform your existing siding.

Although we do not specialize in siding repair, at times we assist our customers with partial replacements of their siding system. As a matter of practice, to ensure all siding products we install are under warranty, our team will propose to address any damaged wall in its entirety, removing all siding down to the substrate, and installing proper weather barrier and flashing. Since many homes older than the year 2000 do not have house wrap, installing the weather barrier system and flashing is required by the current code.

We will always provide you with an honest evaluation of your siding system. Under specific situations (like one or two hail-damaged walls of siding, or water damaged from a failure) only part of the siding on your home may need to be replaced. We can address the walls specifically without replacing all of the siding on the home. Our team will ensure we match both the texture and color for your repaired siding system.

Regarding replacing single boards in any wall, we cannot assist with this type of repair. As siding systems are installed step-by-step, the weather barrier must be first installed before applying any new siding. These primary steps required by both code and all manufacturer warranty requirements mean we only conduct siding replacements that will provide a long term solution for our clients.

We believe in offering only top-quality products at fair prices. We do not install inferior products; our team will only recommend top-quality proven products with industry-leading warranties.

No matter the case, with Direct Siding you will receive an honest evaluation of your siding and recommendations on what we would do if it were our own home.