Pre-Painted Siding

Pre-Finished (Pre-Painted) Fiber-Cement and Wood-Composite Siding have grown immensely in popularity in the last decade as technology has progressed. Homeowners can now enjoy 15+ Years of no maintenance from top siding manufacturers including, James Hardie, LP SmartSide, and Woodtones. 

Pre-Painted Siding requires top-notch installation teams that are trained & experienced with the respective products. Unlike the typically primed siding painted when finished, Pre-Finished Siding products require the use of color-matched components, including caulking and flashing that is custom bent on-site using metal breaks. Factory representatives train our installers to ensure that your product is installed correctly & always under the manufacturer’s warranty. We are proud James Hardie Alliance members with an Elite Preferred status, the highest award given to contractors by the program.

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