Vertical Siding

The Board & Batten siding has a classic look that is often associated with the farmhouse and craftsman styles of architecture. Board & Batten siding is Vertical Panel Siding with Vertical Batten trim. Typically, batten strips are installed every 16″ on the stud. By varying the space between the battens or the width of the trim boards, the look can be changed.

The vertical panels & trim create a beautiful clean look that can be used as a primary design element or an accent in feature areas. Some homeowners using it as an accent use a different color than the primary siding color, creating a nice modern look. Others elect to keep it the same color as the primary siding color, maintaining a traditional look.

Traditionally, barns and farmhouses used the Board & Batten siding style. Nowadays, Board & Batten siding can be used on virtually any home in some area to add a nice touch. Sometimes it’s the perfect design element for your entire project. If you would like to have Board & Batten siding on your home, let us know!

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