Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding is cheap and prone to problems. While many of our competitors sell Vinyl Siding, we do not believe in installing this product on your home, and we do not sell any Vinyl Siding (aside from soffit material).

Vinyl Siding is a cheap siding product that does not adequately protect homes in a low-maintenance fashion, even though many other companies will tell you otherwise. Over time, the vinyl siding becomes brittle due to UV rays from the sun, making the plastic-based material weak. 

Vinyl is more susceptible to expansion & contraction than any other siding material. In the heat, vinyl will expand. Dark colors can be a big issue if your siding gets too hot; your siding will be left looking wavy over a short time. 

After a windstorm or hail event, many homeowners with Vinyl Siding find they have damage to their siding. Damage can include small things like panels separating at the seams from the wind or even, being torn off by a strong storm. Depending on the size of the hail, Vinyl Siding can look like swiss cheese after a big storm. 

Overall, Direct Siding chooses not to install inferior products because we believe in protecting our customers’ homes with only material that will last a reasonable amount of time. We believe that all siding materials should last a minimum of 30 years and should only require painting for maintenance when necessary. There is no type of Vinyl Siding, even insulation-backed Vinyl siding, that is not susceptible to natural wear and tear weaknesses listed above.

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