What Happens After You Sign the Contract

Medium Grey House Sliding Installation

Upon signing the contract & submitting the deposit, our team immediately orders your material. Once we have it confirmed from our supplier, we can then notify you of the delivery & estimated start day for your project.

The estimated start day can vary up to a few days due to weather & other unforeseen circumstances. We do believe in always finishing one project before moving on to the next, so we will never start working on your home and then leave to work on another project. This is also one reason we do not guarantee a start day — we want our installation team to finish and then move on so none of our customers are left with a half-finished project.

A few days before we begin your project, our team will call, text, or email you (whatever you prefer). Our Installers typically like to maximize their work-day so they do begin around 7 am.

A Project Manager will walk through the entire project with our head installer before any siding is installed & check in with the crew every day. We always welcome customers to join the walk-through if they would like to, but customers do not need to be present for any aspect of the installation (sometimes with the noise people who work from home prefer to even be away from the house during the installation).

Wrapping up the project, we always recommend the homeowner join us for a final walk-through so we can review the entire installation and ensure no small details are missed. With Pre Colored siding products, there can be small things like finish-nail-heads or a small scratch that needs touch-up paint. During our final walk-through, we will make a final “punch list” so we can quickly address any issues and ensure you are completely satisfied with your new siding.

From start to finish, we aim to make the process as smooth as possible. If any issues arise that are our fault, we are always here to rectify the issue and will do so as quickly as we can (i.e. glass cracking or breaking, very rarely can happen when we replace trim around old wood-frame windows) but understand it can take time for materials to arrive or to schedule a crew.

Call us today to discuss your project with one of our expert team members and schedule a no-pressure consultation.

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