Why Vinyl Siding is a Waste of Money

Why Vinyl Siding is a Waste of Money

Vinyl Siding is an inferior siding product that does not add value or offer adequate protection. Some vinyl siding is so poor quality that it warps and bends from the sun’s UV, or from protective coatings on high-efficiency windows.

Vinyl Salespeople will claim that Vinyl Siding is no-maintenance. This is not true; in-fact it is a bold-faced lie. The reality is, Vinyl Siding is among the highest maintenance siding products on the market.

Vinyl Siding will vary in thickness. The thinner, cheapest products are nothing more than a plastic wrapping for your home. Cheap vinyl siding products quickly become discolored and brittle over time by UV light. These products easily warp and expand in high heat.

Vinyl siding does attract mildew on some aspects of the home. Areas with less direct sunlight create opportunities for mold and mildew growth. This can be addressed by power washing vinyl siding annually.

Other issues with Vinyl Siding is that it can create a home for pests, including bugs and bees. Behind the vinyl siding, open spaces attract.

Overall there is no vinyl siding product that is immune to needing consistent maintenance and attention over the lifespan of the product.

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