HOA Communities

For HOA Communities seeking a vendor, Direct Siding is here for your community. Our top-selling James Hardie Color Plus siding enables immense savings over the long-term, with a 15-year no-paint guarantee and a 30-year full product warranty.

Direct Siding ensures HOA members feel assured when we install James Hardie Color Plus fiber-cement siding. This durable, virtually no-maintenance product adds value and is the standard in new multi-family including apartments and condos and new high-quality residential construction.

Pre-Painted Siding = MAX Real Estate Value for your HOA & Condo Community

Long-term maintenance costs are always a concern in HOA’s & condo communities.

Primed siding is simply the OLD technology — it simply requires more maintenance over time and has a shorter overall lifespan.

Pre-finished siding is sealed in the factory — with 2x coats of paint applied & then baked on, pre-painted siding products simply last longer and look better for many years with no maintenance required.

With a beautiful curb appeal & TOP notch siding product that minimizes long-term costs, your property will be worth more & be easier to sell when it is time!

Direct Siding offers only the best pre-finished siding products with 15-30 year paint finishes.

Our brands ADD value to real estate with their BEST-in-class warranties and superior curb appeal.

Let our team help your community make the right decision when its time to re-side! We are your residing experts!

Direct Siding is YOUR Expert Team!

From ensuring your community understands the various options and gets honest advice, to knowing you have a team that can handle your BIG job — Direct Siding can handle any large job.

With experience working with many HOA communities including condos and multi-family developments, including quadplexes, triplexes, duplexes, and townhouses, we have a large expert team that can quickly finish your project!

Our team is here to serve your community. From Design, Project Management, Installation, and service — contact us and see why Direct Siding is YOUR team for residing your community!

Our team is ready and able to assist with large re-siding projects in remote areas when necessary.